Jumat, 03 Oktober 2008

Step by step build Keris Blog 6

Step by step how to make Favicon:

Favicon is a picture on the side adress bar, the size needed for creativity favicon is 32x32. to make the first steps:


  1. Create an image with a size 32x32 and store in GIF, JPG, PNG and BMP (select one).
  2. Then open http://tools.dynamicdrive.com/favicon/.
  3. In the BROWSE button select the file was created.
  4. Check on Merge with a 32x32 desktop icon.
  5. Then click "create icon"
  6. Once the process is finished downloading favicon "is
  7. Save the icon in the address in the online storage can www.geocities.com
  8. The last step open the entrance to the bloggers and edit the HTML
  9. Search code kemudin paste the code below under the code ; link rel="shortcut icon" href="/favicon.ico"> Note: The color red replace the address with the appropriate icon with the name of the url address of the place saved icon
  10. Save and see the results

You can save favicon.ico on the free image hosting that allowed ICO.

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