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How to blogging in wordpress

This step by step to sign up in wordpress:
Tutorial below is a series of guidelines on the wordpress.com blog Irons for the ( once). Insyaallah will be continued [at] articles hereinafter. Hehehe will is forwarded to the writings of the next. To [be] break even tutorial blogger.com/blogspot, please from here. To tie the tutorial blogger.com / Hero, please start from here.
. 1. Open www.wordpress.com Open www.wordpress.com 2. Click Sign Up Click Sign Up 3.3. Fill form Fill out the form a. Username: -> fill the name blog as according to desire ( [at] least four huruf/angka) Username: -> name of blog content in accordance with the desire ( at least four letters / numbers)
. b. Password: Fill password/kata encode ( at least six huruf/angka) Password: Fill in the password / password ( at least six letters / numbers)
. c. Confirm: Repeat password which [is] equal to above. Confirm: Repeat with the same password at the top.
. d. Enamel Address: Content your mail ( if not yet had the enamel, made formerly in gmail.com or yahoomail.com) Enamel Address: Fill in your enamel ( if note yet have an enamel, make the first or yahoomail.com at gmail.com)
. e. Legal flotsam: say the word tik in available box as sign “ agree” with agreement. Legal flotsam: marked typing in the box provided ace a sign of " agree" with the agreement.
. f. Say the word tik [at] menu “ Gimme a blog” ( usually have automatically is sign tik here). Tick typing on the menu, " Gimme a blog" ( usually there acre already signs automatically typing here).
. g. G. Click “ Next” Click " Next"
. h. Blog Title -> appropriate Content Title. Blog Title -> Fill in the appropriate title.
. i. Language -> Select;Choose Bahasa Indonesia. Language -> Select English.
. j. Privacy -> Love Sign tik ( usually there [are] automatically). Privacy -> Love signs typing ( there is usually automatic).
. 4. Click Sign Up Click Sign Up 5.5. Will emerge the message as follows: A message will appear ace follows:
Your account is now active! Your account is now active!
You acre now logged in ace ( username your). You acre now logged in ace ( your username).
An enamel with your username, password, Akismet API key and important links has been sent to your enamel address. An enamel with your username, password, Akismet API key and important links has been sent to your enamel address.
Write a post, change your template or visit the homepage. Write a post, change your template or visit the homepage.
. 5. That mean you have succeeded make blog. That means you have a blog. Please login to blog your. Please logarithm in to your blog. Following important address to your: The following address important to you:
. a. To login, open: http://namabloganda.wordpress.com/login.php To logarithm in, go to: http://namabloganda.wordpress.com/login.php b. Fill username (= name of blog) and password. Fill in the username (= blog name) and password.
. c. Click “ Write” or “ Write” to start to to make posting. Click the " Write" or " Compose" to start to create the post.
. d. Click “ Publish” or “ Present” Click " Publish" or " Show"
. 6. Completed ( if will udahan, don't forget the click “ Logarithm Out”). Done ( I udahan, do note forget to click " Logarithm Out").
Note: Note:
. * In wordpress.com, one account just for one blog. In wordpress.com, only one account to one blog. This differ from blogger.com/blogspot where do one account can to make some blog. This contrasts with blogger.com / blogspot where one can account for some blogs.
. * Excess wordpress.com compared to blogger.com is (1) comment friendly: easy visitor [of] remark because open direct comment box below/under posting. Pros wordpress.com than blogger.com is (1) comments friendly: easy to comment because the comments box directly below the post open. For the you liking dikomentarin, wordpress suited for your; (2) Posting newest will emerge a few moments in Dashboard ( Menu Utama) entire/all [user/ wearer] wordpress.com, if posting enough you draw you also have a time to enter BOTD ( best of the day) namely 10 posting best that day and will emerge during one day in Menu Utama ( Facia) entire/all [user/ wearer] wordpress.com. For you who like dikomentarin, idea for you, (2) most recent Post will appear some time in the Dashboard ( Home) all users wordpress.com, when your post is quite interesting you also have the opportunity entrance BOTD ( best of the day) ie 10 posts best day and will appear during the day at the Main Menu ( Facia) all users wordpress.com. To BOTD this classification based on Ianguage. To this BOTD classified by language. you choose Bahasa Indonesia at the (time) of enlisting ( seeing poin 3.i.) Make sure you choose English at the register ( see 3.i. points)
. * Insuffiency wordpress.com compared to blogger.com/blogspot is javascript is not functioning ( disabled) mean you cannot install the advertisement apapun–AdSense, Adbrite, dll–di wordpress.com. Don'T the problem of making blogger which truely really wish ngeblog, without is intention for fads install the advertisement. Lack of wordpress.com than blogger.com / javascript moment is note working ( disabled) means you can note install any ad-FUNKSTAR, etc.-in wordpress.com. No problem for bloggers who acre really want it extended, without no intention to fad tide ads. For the wishing the advertisement tide, can also in blog free of charge which wear software wordpress also be like blogsome.com or blogs.ie. For those who want to install the ad, the blog can also use the free software idea also like blogsome.com or blogs.ie. Unhappily, both penyedia blog free of charge this still wear software wordpress old ( nothing;there is no facility widget, and others). Unfortunately, both the provider of blog is still using the free software idea long ( no facilities widget, and others).
congratulation ngeblog in wordpress.com Congratulations extended at wordpress.com

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