Sabtu, 11 Oktober 2008

I Want to Post In Wordpress too

This what have to know about wordpress:
Tutorial wordpress this I hope enough represent each;every question blogger the beginner blogging in wordpress. Series tutorial wordpress other please see in this article underside.
After login, we will direct step into Dashboard or Dasbor. There there are especial menu two rows. upper or call “ menu to the” there is menu Dasbor ( Facia),
(a) Write,
(b) Manage,
(c) Design,
(d) Upgrade.
below/under its ( my call “ menu under”) there is menu (a) Statistical blog ( Blog Statistic), (b) Peselancar Blog ( Blog Surfer), (c) Comment Saya ( My Comment), (d) Penyelancar Tag ( Tag Surfer).
. 1. Function Menu-Menu upper
. A. Write ( Write): to (i) write posting our article; (ii) make Page / static page;yard / menu.
. C. Management ( Manage), if clicked will emerge 6 ( six) submenu again sbb:
b.1. Article ( posts) function to present our articles which have posting. We also can edit ( edit the) the articles by click “ edit” or “ edit” in article to be edited.
b.2. Page;Yard ( pages), function to present the static page;yard / Pages we which have made. Here we can edit the page;yard or make the new page;yard.
b.3. Attachment ( Link) to add or edit link / blogroll b.4. Category ( Category), to edit, mendelete or make the new category.
b.5. Tag, to add, mendelete or edit tag b.6. Categorize Taut ( Categorize link).
b.7. Book Media, place of link file or image which have diupload b.8. Import, to import the file content from blog other.
b.9. Exporting, to export the file in blog to blog other.
. C. Comment ( Comment), if clicked will emerge 3 ( three) submenu again sbb:
c.1. Comment, present entire/all comment in blog your. Here we can edit or mendelete the comment.
c.2. Await Moderasi ( Waiting Moderation), if clicked will present the comment entering the list moderasi the you can edit by “ aggreeing” ( approve), vanish ( delete), spam ( assumed spam).
c.3. Akismet Spam, if clicked will present the comment entering the list spam ( garbage).
. D. Blogroll ( add link)
If clicked will emerge 4 ( four) submenu sbb:
d.1. Management ( manage) blogroll, to edit, fox or vanish the attachment ( link) the.
d.2. Add the attachment ( Add link), to add link newly.
d.3. Attachment import ( Import link), to import the list link dg OPML or file in our computer.
d.4. Category ( category), kategorisasi link. Differentiate with category posting ( see, b.4.)
. E. Appearance ( Presentation), if clicked will emerge 5 ( five) submenu sbb:
e.1. Theme ( Theme), present the list template the we can select;choose to blog our. Remain the click template which we like.
e.2. Widgets, to activate widget and choose widget which wish we present in sidebar.
e.3. Extras, to activate or menon-aktifkan pratilik Snap. By default ( him genuiness) have ever been active, sign click tik ( uncheck) inactive so that. I more suggesting [of] facility Snap this deactivated [by] just because it enough bother.
e.4. Current Theme Options, function to (a) change header blog. Can be changed with header home made; (b) Setting colour and position sidebar blog; (c) Fill the information personal to be presented as time data give the comment; and (d) to reset ( to vanish and return to setting-an early.
e.5. Edit CSS, to change CSS template blog. This for blogger continue, do not compatible for beginner. :)
. F. Consumer ( Users)
To add user / the consumer have access to blog you is as kontributor, co-author, or subscriber. you can have more than one user to access to blog your.
. G. Option ( Options). If clicked will emerge 8 ( eight) submenu sbb:
g.1. Option Umum, function to (a) Make or edit the title blog, (b) Slogan ( deskripsi) blog, (c) Choose / edit the Ianguage used in blog, (e) Etc.
g.2. Write or Opsi Menulis, all important in submenu is menu “ Article standard category”. Select;Choose from list categorize concerning category what do would be weared by-defaultly in posting ( I piliha category fatih-syuhud). This mean if I forget to wear the category in a posting, hence automatically the article will enter the category fatih-syuhud.
g.3. Read or Opsi Membaca. (a) Front yard ( Frontpage), select;choose “ Article Terakhir” ( have automatically); (b) Page;Yard Blog ( Blog post), select;choose how much/many do the article coming up in especial page;yard; (c) Bait Sindikasi ( Syndicated Feed), “ Show the now:” select;choose 10; “ To every article, show:”, select;choose Teks Penuh; (d) Feeds enriched ( Rich feeds), sign love tik ( check) in all boxes. Don'T forget the click “ Perbarui Opsi” or “ Update Options”
g.4. Discussion or Option Discussion
g.4.i. In “ Settlement of habit to a article:” all important here is third box. Sign love tik in “ Permiting the people to send the comment [at] article” so that open comment box below/under each;every your article.
g.4.ii. In E-mail I each time: (a) sign love tik in first box if/when you wish the report can to your mail each;every is which is remark in blog your; and (b) sign love tik in Sebuah under arrest comment to moderasi if you wish the enamel can each;every is the comment dimoderasi. What (b) this special for blogger which memoderasi his comment box.
g.4.iii. In Sebelum a comment emerge: (a) Sign love tik if wishing memoderasi each;every comment ( suggestion, shall not dimoderasi); (b) Sign love tik in Penulis comment have to fill the name and e-mail if you wish each;every commentator write the enamel address and situsnya; (c) In Penulis comment have to have the agreed comment before all sign love shall not tik.
g.5. Privasi ( Privacy). Option Privasi. Sign love tik in Saya wish blog this see in searcher machine be like Google and Sphere, and in senarai public property of so that enter the searcher machine google, yahoo, msn, etc.
g.6. Vanish Blog or Delete Blog.
Caution! This Menu don't dibuka-buka, otherwise truely you and blog you have tired with the life. :)
g.7 that is OpenID and g.8 Domain-domain. Submenu this don't be important so, the vexed please see [by] xself.

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